Every Italian seems to have an inbuilt sense of style, it seems that however hard you try to dress up they will always be one step ahead. Having said that, this is not Milan and things in the south are much more relaxed. There are some very smart restaurants here but dress codes seem almost non-existent.


During the summer it is hot, so for the day cool and casual is the way to go. Feel free to dress in the evening, you won’t feel out of place, but there is definitely no pressure to do so. A word for the ladies, the centre of most of the local towns here are at the top of a hill. The streets are small, winding and at times steep. Paved with cobbles that have been smoothed through centuries of use. High heels are not the most practical of footwear.


There’s no need for a jacket or jumper in the height of summer when even the evenings are particularly balmy. Spring and Autumn the evenings can be chilly so a light jacket and or jumper are recommended.


Whilst we are blessed with some beautifully warm sunny days in winter it can also be cold (although frost is unheard of). So some warmer clothes and a coat are a definite must.