The Proud Garden is perfect to visit at any time of year. During the hot summer months we are blessed with cooling sea breezes, all suites are equipped with air conditioning and of course there is the pool. During the chillier months we have a large open log fire in the dining room and another outdoors on the terrace. Perfect for when there’s a nip in the evening air but you just don’t want the day to end. Of course all suites are also equipped with under floor heating.



Summer in Puglia is hot, typically day time temperatures will be regularly in excess of 30 degrees. We are lucky at The Proud Garden as there is a fairly constant gentle sea breeze to take the edge off. Rain is a rarity and what rain there is will come in the form of a short thunder storm quickly replaced by sunshine. It may be a little hot for extensive sightseeing but this is the perfect time of year for trips to the beach, long leisurely meals and relaxing in and around the house and by the pool. Summer in Puglia is festa time, even the smallest of towns has a full program of evening summer events. The towns and the coast are alive with people and there is a great atmosphere. Places like Ostuni and some beaches can get busy but, parking, finding your own spot on the beach or getting a table at your favourite restaurant are rarely a problem.



Spring is a great time of year in Puglia, in fact this is our favourite time. The days are warm and the olive groves and lanes are a riot of colour, filled with wild flowers before the real heat of the summer takes hold. A perfect time for sightseeing, walking and cycling. The coast tends to be a little quiet and even on the warmest of days you will probably have the beach pretty much to yourself, although the water will be a little bracing. Evenings can be a little chilly so be sure to bring a light jacket and jumper.



Summers are long in Puglia, quite often the good weather will extend well into October and November. This is a mellow time of year, the extreme heat of summer has gone but the days are still warm. Again a perfect time of year for sightseeing. It’s quite an active time of year due to the wine harvest, the farmers will also be preparing for the Olive harvest which will start in November. Here at The Proud Garden we have lovely open log fires in the lounge and also out on the terrace so these are perfect places to sit and relax even when there is a bit of a nip in the air.



Winter is when we get our most unpredictable weather. If the weather is coming up from Africa it will be warm and sunny. If it’s coming over from the Balkans then it can be cold. Yes it does rain, but Puglia is one of the driest regions in Italy and also its biggest producer of solar power which will give you some idea of the average amount of sun. Whatever the weather Puglia is a great place to visit in the winter. The region is not reliant on tourism, agriculture (the olives and wine) are probably the biggest part of the economy. This means that the towns are working towns and consequently restaurants, shops etc…open year round. Bring a coat with you, it may be warm in the day but as soon as the sun goes down it can be cold. Southern Italy in winter is not as warm as you think.