We are set in an idyllic rural location. From the roof terrace olive trees extend in all directions for as far as the eye can see, beyond that there is a 180 degree view of the sea. Apart from the silhouette of Ostuni on the horizon there is very little man made intrusion to spoil the tranquillity. Having said that, we are an easy 30 minutes drive away from the nearest airport and have very good road and rail links.

The last 400 metres approach to The Proud Garden is via an untarmacked dirt track. It is perfectly passable with a normal car as long as you drive slowly. Think of it as a barrier to the outside world. We recommend against renting any form of low sitting sports car.


Brindisi is our closest airport. It’s an easy 30 minute drive to The Proud Garden, it’s modern, small and generally easy and quick to navigate.

Bari airport is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes away but its larger and offers a wider choice of flights.

If you are flying from further afield then there are a number of connecting flights both to Brindisi and Bari available via the major Italian airport hubs of Milan and Rome.

Getting to The Proud Garden

To get the most out of your stay in the area we strongly recommend hiring a car. Whilst we are only approximately 2.5 miles from the local town and just a little further to the beach, public transport here is limited and infrequent.

If you really don’t want to hire a car then we can arrange for a car to collect you or help you with taking the train from either Brindisi or Bari airports.

Finding The Proud Garden

In common with many properties here in the countryside our little lane does not have an official name, therefore in-car navigation systems tend not to work. We recommend using GoogleMaps (search, The Proud Garden Carovigno). This will bring you almost right to us. You will doubt that it is correct when you turn off the main lane onto our gravel track, but trust it. When it says that you have arrived keep going just a little further, we are at the very end of the track and it will be obvious when you have arrived. There is no reception as such, ring the bell in the bell tower (the real one) come in and we will come and meet you.

 Where We Are